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From Spain With Love, by Rebecca Cardew

From Spain With Love
By Rebecca Cardew

Rebecca Cardew and her husband searched and
found a summer retreat off the Southeastern
coast of Spain. He is a sculptor and potter and
she is a new quilter. The Spanish countryside,
the sea and the food are her inspiration as she
creates in cloth her renditions of the vibrant
scenes and sublime colors of her surroundings.
There are no pastels here, no subtlety no nuance.
Poppies, oleanders, pomegranates, sunset golds
and oranges and the colors of the sea and sky
appear side by side in her quilts in exuberant
harmony. Her constructions are simple: log
cabin derivations, squares and rectangles cut
from strata and other elementary designs.
There is nothing simple or elementary about
the results, they sing and glow. For each of the
quilts there is nature photography for inspiration
and cutting and piecing instructions. A beautiful
book with a sensational take on color.

Catherine Smith
October 7, 2010