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Early Holiday Bulletin

For those of you who sew for holiday gifts, here are some suggestions given to me from others: patchwork or crazy work: eyeglass cases, pocket kleenex packets, luggage tags with clear acrylic windows, id. badges with clear acrylic windows on a lanyard chain or lapel clip; and, of course, iphone, ipad, and tablet and netbook cases. Begin in small increments in September, because the holidays inevitably come on a very fast train.There is a local group of quilters who does this as a project for homebound meals on wheels recipients and hospital patients. Charity should be on every quilter's agenda, especially in this difficult economy. Quilts, photos and writings of are the sole property of Catherine Smith (c), and protected by copyright under the copyright and patent laws of the USA. No copying, reprinting or more than casual personal use without permission and attribution.