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Dear Friends and Family, In the next three and a half months, and for memorialization by publication: I shall be finishing the unfinished, doing minimal Christmas shopping, and trying not to make an irresolvable mess. I will not be doing a year end Crafts Fair because return on the investment of time and materials does not justify it. Hooray! No six weeks of Christmas tree ornaments and tabletop. Attached is the major work I will be doing. Still, October is off to Kingston and New Year's off to Palm Beach. Thanksgiving and Christmas as usual. Newsletter as planned. Teaching Plan progressing but not yet finalized. Thanks and back to the drawing board. Love, cs Whole Cloth Quilt A 90 x 108 queen sized quilt of fine polished cotton or a very fine cotton/linen blend, of palest blue or ecru, quilted in ecru thread. The center, an approximately 22 inch feathered round or oval wreath, and the edges an undulating feathered border, of the same proportion as the center. The center of the center to be double needle 3/4 inch diagonal cross hatched quilting. The major space between the center and the border to be quilted in a labyrinthine Welsh pattern. The individual feathers to be trapuntoed, and the double needle cross hatching and the labyrinths to be trapuntoed in cording. cs 9/7/14 ####### Quilts, photos and writings of are the sole property of Catherine Smith (c), and protected by copyright under the copyright and patent laws of the USA. No copying, reprinting or more than casual personal use without permission and attribution.