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At a time when we are all adversely affected by a stagnant economy and in a world where people are killing one another by the hundreds, it serves us well to take pause and to remember that we are involved in an enterprise, that defines us as humans and as creative people and which has evolved over centuries to a fully recognized art form.

The geniuses who started it all did so by candlelight, in the midst of a full exhausting daily routine, with minimal resources. With all their obstacles and adversity, they created masterpieces which endure and inspire us to this day. They forged a standard of excellence and creativity which we continue to find inspirational and worthy. Quilting is not about acquisitions, equipment and the latest fad. In its finest definition it has to do with furthering the tradition and creating exquisite art in fabric and keeping our loved ones warm under stylish bedcovers. Honor your choice by mastering the fundamentals, by ignoring criticism, by going forward stitch by stitch and by honoring the proud tradition.

Happy Holidays all, Happy and Prosperous New Year, and, God willing, Peace in our days.




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